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This victorian cogs and gears mansion is built for comfort and efficiency (punctuality too!)

  • 168 days ago via site
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Wolfblade~, don't like the handle very much but i'll stick to it for now. Made with PS vectors,

  • 325 days ago via site
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gonna suggest this sometime, update of my scythe~

  • 331 days ago via site
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Did some practicing with vectors and created this.

  • 336 days ago via site
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My dragonaire!

  • 477 days ago via site
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Legion vampire stand alone, because most of it was hidden in the contest entry

  • 494 days ago via site
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Ehm. I'll explain on the contest page o 3 o

  • 494 days ago via site
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, originally did only the paragon set but decided to add background characters, did the Legion Assassin in the similar style after that I decided to add the dark caster which didn't take long but came out quite differently, still added it because it looked like something was missing without it. So there is it the legionaires =)

  • 496 days ago via site
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Dage's contest entry, Might edit it a bit more before submitting

  • 498 days ago via site
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Smash smash Smash! Learned to shade and do lighting more or less, first time doing something like this in PS

  • 511 days ago via site
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Raven scythe ^^

  • 819 days ago via site
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