Abject weirdo. #NoProblem

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Time to up my game. #NeverStopLearning #BASL #Mobility

Laziest of sundays being had by Roberto Lopez :)

Great to see these up!

Definitely a bomb.

Physical copy arrived, straight to the car cd player :)


Even I dont think this is a good playlist, not awake enough to come up with anything better.

I'm in this picture, technically.

Posters arrived in Jervis, now operating personal training from the city centre. Spread the word :)

New personal record today: 5mins of nonstop barbell rollouts :)

The secret to my clients success :)

Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous.


This guy :)

Whatchu know about healthfood?!

Amazing few days thanks to these guys

Standard way to spend a saturday in Holland

"Why dont you lose yourself at all?"

Wherever you go, represent.