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UK Xbox 360 and Kinect developer Rare. You know – Kinect Sports, Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark and more. Updates by Leigh, Emma [ER] or random guest.

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Rare Wildlife Watch #3: pheasant! Run, pheasant, run! But not in front of my car, you useless indecisive dunce.

  • 1863 days ago via site
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Rare Wildlife Watch #2: baby bunnies by the driveway. Aww. Coming soon: heron! Pheasant! Small plastic Cocoadile!

  • 1873 days ago via site
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That's a shocking alleg- hey look! Blue sky! RT A large amount of your updates seem to be borne from staring out the window...

  • 1877 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #7: passing cloud that looks like the baby Uga Buga dino. No, really. See? http://tr.im/uJL3

  • 1878 days ago via site
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Office bug invasion continues with this COLOSSAL spider getting all aggro on my 360 controller. Ooo, shiny buttons.

  • 1879 days ago via site
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See what you can win! VP CD goes to main winner! Get yours before Grant gets his! Flatsuma for illustration only.

  • 1881 days ago via site
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Rare Wildlife Watch #1: at least some of the resident Rare ducks appreciate the typical British July climate.

  • 1885 days ago via site
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By popular demand, a shot of the Viva Piñata soundtrack CD - wedged into some branches for maximum authenticity.

  • 1892 days ago via site
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Random Holiday Snap – Banjo chills in the bidet after searching the streets of Barcelona for odd-shaped fruit.

  • 1894 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #6: after the straight banana comes the flat satsuma. The FLATSUMA. Behold its impaired convexity!

  • 1898 days ago via site
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First vague glimpse of aliens in current series of Torchwood immediately made me think of these cheeky fellas...

  • 1899 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #5: close-up of Robin the musician's Big Knob. It was looking a bit grimy, so he gave it a wipe for us.

  • 1901 days ago via site
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Cheers to #officewindow contributors, some oddly fascinating results. Keep 'em coming. Mine's not so hot today.

  • 1905 days ago via site
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Pic taken from the office window at Rare while the weather holds out. Tag creation time! Let's see yours! #officewindow

  • 1906 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #4: evil death-insect just invaded my desk so I used a Japanese B-K CD to ENFORCE RELEVANCE.

  • 1908 days ago via site
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Bonus shot of brand new Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts soundtrack CD in Robin's office for all you Twittery types...

  • 1913 days ago via site
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Breathtakingly desirable Tooie review contest prize with dramatic natural lighting effects.

  • 1914 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #3: boxes outside my office with 'BURN ME' written on them, probably by the Devil. Body parts? KI3 proposals?

  • 1916 days ago via site
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Random Rare Sightings #2: an eerily straight banana I found downstairs. Mike said to make it more Rare/Xbox-related. Blame Mike.

  • 1919 days ago via site
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  • 1922 days ago via site
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