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Final working day of 2012 done. Time to head home with a nod to the big Rare Xmas tree standing guard at the door. Have a good one!

  • 480 days ago via site
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Right! Win this lot by telling us which two Rare characters would have the neatest and messiest signatures...

  • 487 days ago via site
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Today it is colder outside than the blackest pits of Peppy Pizza's soul. But we do get cool frosty patterns in some of the corridors leading to the barns.

  • 490 days ago via site
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Again! Half an hour to reply with the first word that springs to mind and #Rare30KTatFest tag for random wins!

  • 515 days ago via site
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For a chance to win everything here, reply with just the first word that springs to mind and tag it #Rare30KTatFest. One randomly picked winner gets it!

  • 515 days ago via site
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Who's that beaming up out of the pages of this month's issue of Develop (Nov 2012)? Why look - it's studio head Craig talking up Rare recruitment. Track a copy down if you can!

  • 515 days ago via site
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Pumpkin carving contest about to enter the judging phase at Rare. Main corridor is festooned with 'em. Like these...

  • 531 days ago via site
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Potentially the last leg of Caketober as designer Dale delivers rival Halloween products. Mallow tower-building attempt knocked Rashberry's eye off, so we left it.

  • 536 days ago via site
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Caketober continues! Premature Halloween style, still featuring Old Man Rashberry. The lime ones taste... kind of... not.

  • 540 days ago via site
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Rare drinks fridge, main corridor. A dark, brooding mystery. We must know: what happens if we ignore this dire warning?

  • 543 days ago via site
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Commencing Caketober. Thanks to our artist Ryan's original proof-of-concept Rashberry for support.

  • 553 days ago via site
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Another day begins... step through the doorway into adventure! Well, reception. Not that they're mutually exclusive. You could have countless zany adventures in our reception area.

  • 586 days ago via site
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"Going for pub lunch with VP artist Ryan. Piñata with the most votes in the next 10 mins will be doodled on a napkin with a big love heart."

At the time of leaving, Bunnycomb was narrowly ahead in the voting stakes. Never let it be said we don't deliver.

  • 630 days ago via site
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Bit damp on the Rare drive yesterday. At least I didn't bear right down Watery Lane. Turns out there's a reason they call it that.

  • 655 days ago via site
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"Funny old morning out there. Oppressive. Either a storm any minute or a UFO looming through the clouds like that bit in Independence Day."

Well, that answers that question. #chuckingitdown

  • 656 days ago via site
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Spooky Rare parking space 63 empty again today. An otherworldly chill and faint sinister laughter in the air, possibly Voice of Kinect Sports Peter Dickson hiding in a bush.

  • 671 days ago via site
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Found a pile of ropey old drawings from my schooldays in the attic at the weekend. This one stood out. Formative years fanboy...

  • 686 days ago via site
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Sneaked out for pub lunch, AKA Pie Day. Pie Day. Gotta get down on Pie Day. With actual pies for once! And a dog. Love a good dog pub.

  • 719 days ago via site
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Latest home for the itinerant Rare trophy cabinets: main corridor, next to the fruit. BAFTAs. Bananas. BAFTAnanas.

  • 726 days ago via site
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Photo opportunity! The full Kinect Sports: Season Two team (on the Rare side), minus some stragglers. Yesterday.

  • 747 days ago via site
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