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Yeah, that's how they do it down in the country! Bring your own jug to BoJangles:

check out new background dancer,

when Rams came out of that no huddle offense, struggle face.

some Remy clear and some of that 1738 to toast with on 11/1/11. #DirtyPrettyThings

this what I'm on:

I'm at Kiddie World aka Chuck E Cheese!

so in May you ask me to check your music page out. today you throw dull darts because I didn't reply. you mad?

shouldn't she be in training camp?

hey , your fav singer Johnny Gill is back:

this nigga tripping! sangria and weed cookie gone...

forgot the pic.

this that I have no business outside shit...

out here with the kids. it's scorching too!

he bail bonding hall of fame son!

here is the name:

as I'm twitting you I find this...

#support #Section80 s/o the whole #TDE especially & for the initial link

you have to raise your voice a few octaves, as a man, when your order Shirley Temples. example:

repping for all Shirley Temple drinkers world wide...

yes, we drinking at 9am...don't judge us. well u can judge