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PR & Marketing Consultant via @RelationsA and daddy of the cutest dog ever @RamboPinscher.

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Never heard of a fulfillment center until now and even Google doesn't know where to go! lol

Am I on the wrong screen because I really cannot find the "Cancellation Request" button? :S

That is from falling off my (very low) bed. Yes, I sleep with my phone… lol

Here's my speed! =P

Watching #TheAmazingSpiderMan with ! =P

Here's a screenshot from the generic… Now tell me she looks like 17 or 30? LOL #VeronicaMars

After about 1 month of waiting, has now been approved to join the ! #AdobeSolutionPartnerProgram

After about one month of waiting, has now been approved to join the ! #AdobeSolutionPartnerProgram

Too bad it's not an iPhone 5. I could have given you a brand new case that I'm not using! lol

Saw this on LinkedIn...

#Equality for all and up to the moon!

Even Grumpy Cat is for #Equality! lol #Prop8

3 saisons de #BreakingBad et 2 saisons de #VeronicaMars déjà dans mon iTunes. lol

What do you think about the new #Facebook #NewsFeed?

C'est celle là la meilleure! =P

Un résumé du match des de ce soir... #GrumpyGramma #Habs #Islanders

Wow! #WonderWoman has really let herself go…

Dude!!! LOL

My friend just sent me this that resumes well our conversation! LOL

Pfff! is such a #Liar for tweeting "Sold out back to back shows in Vancouver". Check it out yourself! #Proof

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