can't describe myself in 160 characters but i laugh because life is short and #nikita, dancing makes me happy!

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What happens when I'm lazy and don't want to do anything. You see that look it says fuck my life

In 13 days we get this romance back. Get fucking excited!

How can you not love him. Well unless you're blind or retarded. I got 4 words for you only "WE LOVE SHANE WEST!"

well something to begin with. Happy birthday!!!

I'd rather eat this all day than real food! Thanks mom!!!

I like what I'm feeding myself tonight! Doesn't it look delicious? Well I know it does

They are just friends. Yeah okay. You're so damn stupid!

Omg how cute is . Jeeeez!!!!

Let's get real. I mean they're playing in the water

My heart goes dun dun dun with those two. If you die I didn't do it

The perfect couple!

15 days until nikita! Get fucking excited!

Got my nikita sweater I'm good to go for october 19th!

In 17 days. Get fucking excited!

All of my nail polish. Do I need to add more to this or not?

My little brother with my little cousin and his dog. Tears in my eyes

I got my smoothie I'm good to go

Cristian get off my bed!

I have six. This one is probably my last one

Omg my little cousin and his chihuahua. Love this!