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Marathoner, typography geek, freelance designer, espresso slinging barista, lover of impractical shoes & incurable ice cream addict. Try and keep up, ok?

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Is ridiculously excited to be eating bruschetta right now. Yum!

My rosettas are all bubbly today...

S. Congress bridge and the bats are off!

and all is well in Africa...

is happiest after #running. Thanks for the quick 3+ miles . Our half-marathon training has begun! Woot!

Just had about a square inch of skin peel off while she was in the shower. Screaming like a girl is not an option.

Worse and worse. I look like someone beat me. I've come to the conclusion that burns are fairly high on the ick-o-meter.

Ew...check out my burn. Who'd have thought being a barista would be so dangerous? :-0

Probably not the kind of graham crackers you should feed to your kids...ha!

For all of my typographically inclined twitteratti, the background on my iPhone came from

Ah, Toy Joy...enabler of inappropriate sillyness. :)

Ah, Toy Joy...enabler of of inappropriate sillyness. :)

Hanging with Travis at Cafe Medici and various other awesome Austin haunts. What a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

And this is my latte from the other day:

A comparison, if you will...this is a beautifully handcrafted mocha by the wonderful baristas at Cafe Medici in Austin, Texas:

A comparison, if you will...a latte poured by me and a latte poured by the wonderful baristas at Cafe Medici:

The Olmos Perk is hosting the Official 48 Hour Film Project Mixer and the crowd is amazing!!! Stop on by!!!

The Olmos Perk hosts the Official 48 Film Project Mixer and it gets all sort of crazy awesome crowded...

Hopping at the Olmos Perk 48 Hour Film Project mixer... pouring mochas at the Olmos Perk. Don't you wish you were here? Damned right you do.