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Because everyone hates installers: proof-of-concept port of Avoision to HTML5/JavaScript: http://bit.ly/17SMiDT

  • 685 days ago via site
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Made some progress on a potato farming game this week #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1297 days ago via site
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Missed #ScreenshotSaturday but I'm working on an agro-economics game for the Experimental Gameplay Project

  • 1303 days ago via site
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Just released Avoision 1.1 (likely the final release)! Get it at http://avsn.sourceforge.net/ #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1311 days ago via site
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Just released "Cretan Hubris" (an infinite maze) this week. More info: http://bit.ly/y6ec4M #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1318 days ago via site
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Settled on an action maze game for EGP. Down to just 3 more days to finish it up!

  • 1324 days ago via site
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Still toying around with an infinite maze for EGP #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1325 days ago via site
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Toying with an entry for EGP (theme": infinite world"). Obviously, this one's an endless maze :)

  • 1327 days ago via site
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Getting very close to calling Avoision complete! #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1339 days ago via site
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Finally getting close to releasing Avoision 1.0 (with a complete graphical overhaul)! #screenshotsaturday

  • 1346 days ago via site
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"Falling Block Game" release candidate is now available. #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1486 days ago via site
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Follow-up from last #ScreenshotSaturday my complete #ld48 entry's up for Windows/Linux here: http://bit.ly/nTuCIs

  • 1507 days ago via site
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"The Grind" is my submission for Ludum Dare 21 #ld48. Gameplay video: http://bit.ly/oMUMRr

  • 1513 days ago via site
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Working on graphics for #ld21 now, but I've only got about 3 hours left before real life kicks in.

  • 1513 days ago via site
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Just got line of sight working for #ld21. Too bad I missed #ScreenshotSaturday ;(

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Real life and having to make an editor might prevent me from finishing in 48 hours, but #ld21 is still a blast!

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Actually, creating an editor was good for my sanity. Can't imagine doing this manually... #ld21

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Not sure if 3 hours to make a level editor will pay off for #ld21, but at least I won't go crazy editing arrays!

  • 1514 days ago via site
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Ok, I have an idea, plan, and a guy that can walk one direction on the screen. Day 1 of #ld21 is complete.

  • 1515 days ago via site
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Avoision v0.7 was released in time for #ScreenshotSaturday, get it here (for Windows/Linux): http://avsn.sf.net/

  • 1521 days ago via site
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