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I produce stuff - Hugh Hewitt Show, Duane FM in the Hughniverse. On a quest for a million followers to bug Twitter. Two-time cancer survivor, Gruncle to Jackson

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Just another halo victory. Ok, so they still have to play, but it's only the red sox. #hhrs

Tennessee Williams wrote streetcar named desire from that balcony. Hugh resisted the urge to yell out stella...barely. #hhrs

See this Picasso painting of a door frame? Didn't know bud the contractor worked this far south. #hhrs

Believe it or not, this is pirate's alley. #hhrs

What once was lafitte's bar at the end of pirate's alley. #hhrs

The might Mississippi. At some points, it's a mile wide, 2 miles deep. #hhrs

The back end of jackson's horse. Hugh said to take a picture - it reminded him of the tribbles. #hhrs

The cabildo, where the Louisiana purchase was signed. #hhrs

St. Louis cathedral, america's oldest, in NOLA. #hhrs

Staging for the new Orleans walking tour arranged by the fetching mrs. Hewitt. Not too popular w/the fellas. #hhrs

The view from my other window in new orleans. Much better. #hhrs

Los Lobos is the opening act. Very cool surprise. #hhrs

Center stage seats. Not a bad Christmas present. Thanks, Love. #hhrs

Even though it's on the other side of the world from orange county, Gibson amp's a great venue. #hhrs

If you're going to see Eric Clapton in concert, you have to go to the Hard Rock Cafe first. #hhrs

Hugh and Trent Franks from the tea party patriots summit in Phoenix. #hhrs

Jeff flake getting hair advice from . no banana, though. #hhrs

Jenny Beth Martin & mark Meckler, tea party patriots founders. #hhrs

is the first tribble here. And we got served by him. #hhrs

asked me to take a picture of Phoenix. Here you go, carl. #hhrs