I wrote THE JOYNERS IN 3D and it's coming out this year! Also buy SYNDROME - both: art by @DaveMarquez and from @Archaia

Photos and Videos by @RJRHQ

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I still like Shia's comic books and am very glad to hear he's keeping at it. This particular page took BALLS

search tool

"Little Archie and the Wishing Witch" has some of the most sublime (and eerily flawed) hand lettering ever seen

I love my thermal self portrait -- one of the few pics I recognize myself in

One of Harmony's better DIY suicide notes from CUARR

key philosophy

. Here's what it looks like in #reality ... total collab b/t the whole team and trippy w/glasses

SELF PORTRAIT: This spot used to be the (Hollywood)Borders graphic novel section--now it's the frozen food aisle

basically anything like this

Reggie is shrunken down to the size of a coke bottle at the end. #THEFLY

Marvel Now meet Archie Later!

that's an ANDROID Reg is up against--invented by Dilton of course

This is what it's called

JI3D is our only accepted abbreviation - sneak peek at my binders full of women

pete rose is on good day LA right now wearimg a heisenberg hat #NOW

wish spike had a bigger part in moneyball but MAN can he act and make you feel it

Best in Show? ROCCO on my porch being the cutest dog on earth #awwww

a beautiful movie idea by Harmony Korine

go to meechface's instagram
to see him
burn down this xmas tree

jack davis has his eye on you #teamcrosshatch