♏️Nov 20.


Regina George

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Good thing this test dummie tested it out before I did

Ima get a lot of these cause I done fucked more than one of you dikes bitches

Gotti was blowing me like shit lls

I'm fake giving lost teas

Look gay Ctfu

Sad lls

Got my license a step towards success

Chillout man lls

I love you wardy

Bouta crushhhhhhh kill

I went in my back pocket found this

Since my phone don't have no fucking service outside this the only song on my phone I can listen to

Pearl or no pearl... It ont even matter ain't nobody hittin it but me

Only a monster could have done this shit

Free loud = good loud lls

This why I need a new number right here

Just know I don't pay for no damn train or bus wardy

Everybody saying its cold my shit say sumn different

Look at this girl lying on me this was a minute ago but thats wild right she iont even know me textin her off my phone

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