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See these shoes? SOLID GOLD. #TEAMGETMONEY Editor emeritus of @rollbamaroll

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posting pictures of spoons isn't the weirdest thing I've done on twitter

here's Handsome Rick confirming the 1941 championship, so I'd say it counts for 2 now:


Now my tube monitor is cool! (bcc ) #PutABirdOnIt

I am a store brand connoisseur 95% of the time, but don't cheap out on the scrubbing bubbles gang. Trust me.

Just realized I never brushed my hair after taking a shower, totally went to the store like this #rawr

ratchet :((


scoreboard mfer


weird that Primavera's check in location says Octane...

Y'all don't even know the Herculean restraint I just showed at the checkout counter

A better shot of the destruction #HoodWalMartKeepItReal

Hood Wal Mart keep it real y'all

Go home sock, you are drunk

Shoulda just called it the Wallace Wade conference #HipsterGumpin

it's in there somewhere, I am fail ://

I couldn't quit :((

A little concerned for y'all #AddedToThePrayerList

Just added "barbecue sauce" to the stain collection y'all. Sexy ladies, please form a line.