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My 10.000th tweet! :D Thanks everyone who comments on my work and follows me!
Also a big thanks to the creators of AQW art, you all inspire me!! To thank everyone, I made my first ever background! , the master of AQW-backgrounds livestreamed yesterday and I got inspired. :) I hope you like it!

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Gunslingers in Saloon-1887 with J6! :D

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Made this pencil drawing to thank
His work always inspires me and thanks for the encouragement!

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Some skull gun for Roroth the legion gunslinger.. Don't know if it's finished tho.. Might add a blade to it tomorrow :)

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A new version of Roroth is done! The Evil Cowboy. You could say he's Legion themed. Wanted to do him in red first, but that didn't look to well on first sight, so I began making him in blueish colors. Might recolor him in red to try, but i don't know yet.

Hope you like it! ^^

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Legion Skull Dagger! Name can be changed obviously! ^^ It's a suggestion for the legion shop! :D

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Magical dagger of the Drows.. Same style as the sword. I hope you like it!
Tried to make the blade look more regular :d

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Shhhh, dun comment on this yet plz.. It's still a secret :) But if you find it. Thanks for looking on my twitpic ^^ And btw, this is for Beleen :3

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Ended up changing the hilt's color. Happy with it now :)
Gonna put it on the suggestion thread brb!

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and are a great inspiration to me! It's done. The magical drow sword. I don't know if that will be it's name and I don't know for sure if this is the final version. Might have to change little things. But atleast, I'm happy with the result.
The design of the skull was inspired by Dage's skulls with a bit of my own touches in it. The shading was all by myself obviously..

I hope you like it and please tell me what you think! :D

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Bow display. For the forums. The bow is normally in the other hand, but I want him to aim, so layerwise, I had to do it like this :p

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The Cracking drow bow. Had fun making this one!
Tried to give it the feeling that the fowing power you can see in the cracks gets intenser in the middle. anyways, I'm happy with it and so is my drow archer :D
Now; Are YOU happy with it? :3

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Drow archer is done! Took a break from it and now just finished it. The shoulder actually looks good when walking because the purple clothing on the chest goes under the clothing of the shoulder.. It's hard to explain, but it works! :D I also gave him ninja shoes >:) Because when being a sneaky archer, you need to be silent!

A bow for this armor+helm is coming soon!
I hope you like the concept

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So alot of moderators and devs in AQWorlds have been getting a new personal set or a revamped version of their set. But I figured you never got an update on your set. So I went ahead and made one! I tried to stick as close as possible to the DragonFable Cysero and this is the result!
I hope you like it, and ofcourse, if you would like to, you can use this as an armor in AQWorlds, infact; it would be an honor for me!

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Made this in about 10 minutes.. Just to give you a glimpse at what my new concept is.. :)

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Oversoul Roroth is done. Placed his previous form on it too so you can see his size.
Tried to make him look 'overmuscled'. I can't say I'm as happy with how it came out as I was with the previous form... But I did what I could :3 I hope you like it!

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Forgot to upload the Oversoul template I made.
So here it is!

btw, it's not out for public, if you want one, make one! It's a great learning curve!
You'll learn things about shading, anatomy,...

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My first Oversoul character / concept; Crazy cowboy. He would be the veteran version. More versions will be coming later. Made everything myself, template, design, weapons,.. (Except for the gun, that's made by J6 and reflashed / recolored by me) I hope you all like it!!

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When Quintenii evolved into Roroth, he used his powers to upgrade some of his weapons. This is one of them; The evolved cowboy knife.

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Here's the finished cowboy knife. Will be posted to the ss forums :)

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