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New Spear. It's a legion spear and it's for the armored version of Legion Rex. You'll see what I mean when it's done ;) I also made an animation for it, which was hard! :O

  • 1347 days ago via site
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Nuclear Rex, variant of Legion Rex, requested by It might be my entry for the next OverSoul character suggestion contest! :)

  • 1348 days ago via site
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Legion Rex, L-Rex, Legionsaur, I don't know how to call this monster yet, but the art is finished. It's the first monster I've ever made and it's a suggestion.

  • 1349 days ago via site
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Here's my entry for the Artix Pop Culture Contest! You can vote on it right here; Would be awesome if you did. :)

  • 1349 days ago via site
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Reupload; Legion Rex, also called L Rex. WIP of the first monster I've ever made! Fixed some glow issues. :p

  • 1353 days ago via site
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If you look like this now, you have been bitten by the right spider. :::)

  • 1359 days ago via site
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So the basic form of the skull is done too now. Over to paper marche. :)

  • 1359 days ago via site
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The original Drow archer I made, and to the left a quick sketch of how the legion one could look.

  • 1359 days ago via site
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Started all over again on the Legion skull dagger.
Probably gonna make the skull in clay or something... :)

  • 1360 days ago via site
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So has been a great inspiration to me for years. I want to thank him with this, which I will probably color later. If you don't know Diozz already, I suggest you checking his art! So; Thanks Diozz! :)

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Lupae weapon concepts! ^^

  • 1365 days ago via site
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The newest version of Roroth is done! Tried to keep the default bountyhunter look, without the coat and with some steampunkish elements in it! :) I hope you like it, and thanks to for the mechanic arm idea!

  • 1366 days ago via site
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Here is the art for the Darkblood Gunslinger concept!

  • 1367 days ago via site
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Worked on a reputation class for the Darkbloods. The Darkblood Gunslinger.
Will upload the sketches too!

  • 1367 days ago via site
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Basic concept sketch for a Darkblood gunslinger class! :D Will try to finish the concept with class skills by the end of this weekend. If you have any ideas, be sure to tell them to me! ^^

  • 1367 days ago via site
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WIP of the new Roroth. :)

  • 1369 days ago via site
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The new version of Roroth is done! :D Will be flashing this soon. I hope you like it. :)

  • 1370 days ago via site
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A new concept. It's a mix of one of the four horsemen, conquest, and a bountyhunter. I think this is one of my favorite concepts so far. I'll draw the rest of the character later. (Inspiration from "Darksiders 2", a game about the four horsemen. Great game if you ask me.)

  • 1371 days ago via site
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The cosplay dagger project went wrong :( The resin solved the foam plastic. But here are some photos of before it happened.

  • 1373 days ago via site
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The drow knight set, display. :)

  • 1374 days ago via site
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