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Roroth's weapon is here! Roroth's Warmachine. Extra:

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A sketch for Something SpaceMerc Machinegunny :d Made to match with Vokun's set:

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Based on 's drawing:
I thought.. Well I haven't made any drawings of women..
So I studied Diozz's art a bit and made this.
It was also made to practice shading a bit..
Just making something black felt weird at first,
but I definitely like how it turned out :)
Let me know what you think about it!

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It's finished! (Best quality: ) It's a revamp of the old Dark Caster painting ( ) Thanks to for the Dark Caster concept and for the inspiration i get from his paintings! Thanks to , because I learned a lot about photoshop paintings from watching his paintings! Thanks to , I learned a lot about poses and linework from him! Thanks to for some general tips! And ofcourse, thanks to all of you guys who follow me and support me in what i do! I hope you like the painting! Atleast I learned a lot from making it :D
#BattleOn! Quint/Roroth '13

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So here's a WIP of the remake of my Dark Caster painting. I hope you like it so far, tried to give it the Dark Caster feeling :) Did a ton of small adjustments today and I'm happy with how it's turning out so far. Tell me what you think about it! :D

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Its gonna take a while to finish this, because Ill do it as perfect as possible.. So I'll keep you guys updated in the comments!

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Made this for since he was searching for a face xP

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Still VERY unfinished. But I'm very happy about how it looks so far. Gonna finish it tomorrow.

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The 4 Blob brothers.
Cowboy creatures from space, sent by Roroth.
From left to right: Blob Allen, Britt Blob, Beeblob and Jack Blob

Allen might seem the most dangerous one, but actually he's very kind.
He just wants to help everyone, and so he gets influenced by his brothers.
It has been said that Britt is the fastest one. He will throw a knife, faster then you can shoot him. (for the Magnificent Seven fans ^^)
Beeblob isn't that fast or anything, but as you can see, he has a lot of ammo... Dangerous ammo..
Jack always got laughed at because he's so small. It made him very angry and he started to train with his whip.

Quintenii/Roroth '13

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The last Blob brother: Jack Blob
He might seem small and not dangerous, but dont underestimate him.
He's pretty accurate with his whip ;)

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Britt Blob knows how to throw knifes. Especially when they are enhanced with a special technology from space.

One more blob left! :D

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New Western Blob creature from space!

"Cowboy Blob Allen"
Less thin and less smart then his brother, Cowboy Beeblob.
But he's a lot more friendly..
If you know him :)

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New pet:
Cowboy Beeblob
A Cowboy Blob monster, coming from space! :D
Gonna animate this guy tomorrow.

Sry again for not posting any art the past week, but I've been very busy.

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After a week fulled with lack of time xP
I finally made some new concept again.
Gonna start flashing this right now!
If everything goes well, it'll be finished this eve and ill animate it tomorrow! :)

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Making a new personal set for ! :D (This won't probably be used btw, it's just something I wanted to make for Dage) It's inspired on the painting from his twitter profile :)

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Upload for the contest

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I know I'm pretty early this year, but I already wanted to show this to you! Happy birthday Dage! ( Art without the birthday wishes here: )
I hope you like it and have a good one! :)

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Wrapped the IRL Legion Skull Dagger project in paper-marche. Next step: wrapping the back in paper-marche too and then I'll put a coat of resin over it, to give it the smooth look.

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Something for because his art has grown a lot since he has joined AE and because it is a very good inspiration.

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Something for to thank him for his awesome art and for always being nice to everyone!

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