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Upload for the forums :)

  • 1313 days ago via site
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Was finally able to finish this void creature, inspired by 's theme and shading style. Had a busy week, but I'm glad I was able to finish this before friday. I hope you like it! :D

  • 1313 days ago via site
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Slowly making progress. The fur shading was inspired by Nulgath's shading. I'll hopefully be able to finish the legs tomorrow.

  • 1314 days ago via site
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WIP and very unfinished. Due to a lack of time, I've not been able to flash a lot, lately. But I want to keep you guys up to date, so here's the WIP. To do list: Horned helm version, Muscled arm/claw hand, Belt, legs + feet.

  • 1318 days ago via site
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Void Creature concept is done! Tell me what you think before I flash it please :D

  • 1322 days ago via site
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Roroth, the machine ^^ He lost his right arm in battle and replaced it with a gatling gun... Isn't he just genius?.. Hope you like it :)

  • 1325 days ago via site
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New version of Quintenii. He will evolve into this which I'll flash tomorrow! :D
I hope you like this version! ^^

  • 1325 days ago via site
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New concept. Will be flashing this soon! (in aqw style ^^)
I must say that this concept my favorite of all the cowboy concepts I've done so far. And yeah, I did lots of those ^^

  • 1326 days ago via site
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Concept design of an armor for 's .
Hope you like it, schil :)

  • 1328 days ago via site
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Promo pic for the vampiric swords! =D Not the best quality on twitpic, but I hope you like it anyways ^^

  • 1331 days ago via site
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The big vampiric sword! :) Based on the small one.

  • 1331 days ago via site
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Vampiric sword for the armor set. Making this, smaller one, and making a bigger one tonight. Might also make a gun

  • 1332 days ago via site
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Maledicti (The cursed one).
A vampire inspired armor. Took some time to make, but was worth it. :)
I hope you like it!

  • 1332 days ago via site
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Cowboy from the void... 15 minute concept sketch :p

  • 1333 days ago via site
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WIP of a vampire themed armor. Hope you like it so far. :)

  • 1334 days ago via site
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Watched the original Hellsing anime and got inspired make some quick sketches of Alucard. Drew him a little bit more in my own drawing style. These took about 10 minutes in total.

  • 1334 days ago via site
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Started a new painting! =D It's a side project tho.. Gonna try to finish the vampire themed armor first :d

  • 1340 days ago via site
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Roroth Sketch for EpicDuel. A suggestion NPC :) He would have some interesting little mission for you ;)

  • 1344 days ago via site
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Sketch of my own NPC, before he got his uhm 'buff' ^^
Doing some line art right now :)

  • 1344 days ago via site
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Dark Caster with a quick little background. Tried multiple backgrounds, but this one made the actual dark caster look the best. :) (If you're wondering why he's so much on the right side, it's because it is a background (1920-1080), If you want to use it too, here's better quality: )

  • 1344 days ago via site
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