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Getting ready for the sketch contest in #AQW Two of my favorite themes combined! Drows and Gunslingers!

  • 451 days ago via site
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Exams are done! It's summer! :D I'll be making more art again now! :)

  • 452 days ago via site
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Changed a few little things to Roroth the machine.

  • 458 days ago via site
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When Roroth saw you selected him... (WIP) :P

  • 458 days ago via site
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Sketch of the Drow Archer. The non legion version. Color suggestions are welcome, tell me what you think?

  • 462 days ago via site
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Spoilers! WIP of the Sword of Fear. Hope you like it so far! ^^ Shading the head and finishing the handle tomorrow.

  • 464 days ago via site
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Roroth's Shotgun. This is a weapon, held by the shaded hand, just like the weapon. This is also a back item.

  • 465 days ago via site
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Roroth's Revolver. Tried to keep the Roroth theme in it and I hope you like it! :D

  • 465 days ago via site
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Concept sketch for Roroth's revolver. Yeah, no dual revolvers, because he can only use one arm ;)

  • 465 days ago via site
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*Pokes you* Beware, Roroth the Machine is watching you! :O

  • 466 days ago via site
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Re-upload. Forgot some pretty important stuff. And yeah, i know.. Overdetailed.. v.v

  • 469 days ago via site
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Flashed 's concept because she lost the flash file and I loved the concept so much! So here you are! :D

  • 470 days ago via site
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Some daggers. Drew this concept, but forgot to flash it until today. Hope you like it!

  • 473 days ago via site
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Forgot to upload this quick concept. It's a mixture between good and evil. I call it Mirrorknight :)

  • 473 days ago via site
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The Legion Drow Archer shoots Magical Drow Arrows with his legendary bow . He used to be a normal Drow, until he made an agreement with Dage The Evil..
Hope you like it! =D

  • 485 days ago via site
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The new Legion Drow Bow. Yeah, the name even rhymes! :D Hope you like it.
Tried to keep it as simple as possible.

  • 490 days ago via site
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A quick little painting for the revamp of my old concept, the Legion Drow archer.
Tell me what you think about it! :D

  • 495 days ago via site
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A remake of the Legion Drow Archer. This is the sketch for the armor, which I'll flash later. For now, I'm gonna start doing the linework of the sketch in flash and color it in. Hope you like the concept! :)

  • 495 days ago via site
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Undead Wyrm Paladin or something like that. Don't know about the name yet, but managed to finish this set today! A weapon is coming up soon!

  • 497 days ago via site
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A big thanks to all my followers, who helped me to reach this!
Yes! 666, the most evil number... It gave Roroth the power to go all evil, just for this one time.
Thank you!

  • 502 days ago via site
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