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Aaargh! It's a Cthulhu morph! D:
Doing the wings and weapon later :)

  • 947 days ago via site
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The sneak peak was VERY sneaky.. So here's a full image of the wedding guest set :)

  • 951 days ago via site
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Why not upload this instead of just a printscreen. :) Enjoy!

  • 956 days ago via site
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A Royal Battle Herald just appeared! This brave young man will definitely try to protect everyone he can!

  • 957 days ago via site
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The tophats inspired by 's designs. They also have bearded versions.

  • 964 days ago via site
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Here are all the Naval Tophats for Friday the 13th! (There will also be bearded versions of each hat)

  • 964 days ago via site
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Being a Drow for one day was awesome. #DragonCon was an amazing experience!

  • 973 days ago via site
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My first set, made in the lab. A SwordHaven Engineer, coming to save the city!
Fully animated cape! :D

  • 979 days ago via site
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So I went to AdventureBucks for some Trobblechino. I'm afraid they're out of Trobblechino now, :(

  • 990 days ago via site
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The Drow Eviscerator! CC skin, everything red is CC to base. The price of the armor will be 500.000 gold, but it will be nonmember. This item MIGHT return in the future. Now for a female version! :p

  • 992 days ago via site
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The promo items for the DragonFable tshirt! :D

  • 993 days ago via site
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Ready for Dragoncon! If you see this guy, that's me! :D

  • 994 days ago via site
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A new and Royal pet vendor has arrived! He looks after the amazing Falcon pet, made by !

  • 999 days ago via site
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Oh yeah, and some of the guild items. The two left ones have a nonCC and a fully CC option. Forgot to upload it last week, my bad. :p

  • 1002 days ago via site
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Some of the items for my featured artist shop. The guy in the middle, is my NPC, Roroth. That armor and helm won't be for sale. (yet?) There's another armorset done already, but you'll get to see that when the shop goes live.

  • 1002 days ago via site
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Coming to Oversoul! The Void Cowboy! (Note: No plans on putting this in AQW so far.)

  • 1003 days ago via site
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Here's the full Shaman set. :) The red glow on the second cape is CC to accessory. The bodypaint is also CC to accessory. Hope you like it! :)

  • 1012 days ago via site
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You guys are fast! Anyways, red bodypaint is CC to accessory! Helm in the set without the facepaint available!

  • 1013 days ago via site
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LEDs! Almost ready to go!

  • 1017 days ago via site
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An extra idea of . I do not know if there are any plans for this armor, but the grey clothing and the grey gems are CC to accessory! :D

  • 1019 days ago via site
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