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Basic sketch (plz keep that in mind) of 'unknown name'. Keeping it close to my character as it currently is, because i like it and ppl know me like that. Changes are: He is more of a bountyhunter now then he already was. He's more evil >:3 . He doesnt have a shirt anymore :d. He's got MOAR muscles. :D He has a huge scar on his body, who knows where that scar came from... (the hair stays white tho..)

He was the crazy bountyhunter that was turned into this by the Abyss Overlord. He kills all creatures his master desires, just to get rare weapons and more power.

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What will happen when Meets Dage... Klunk will smash that tiny Lich!!

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, practicing dynamic poses. Inspiration came from , thanks.

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Still working on this... Btw, made the gun myself ^^

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Drew my cat :3 details are lost due to my tablet :d

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Some fan-art for . I hope this will encourage other people to join the powerful Abyss Overlord and the #Nulgathians in these horrible wartimes...

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Fanart for based on his new Ice Void of Nulgath, for the AQW-war.

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Roroth once was a man without satisfaction, he served the Abyss Lord, Nulgath, for decades. Nulgath promised him to fulfill one wish if he kept serving the Abyss Lord until he reached the age of 100. Nulgath, thinking Roroth would not reach the magical age, now had a servant that did everything he asked for. Roroth could only think about one thing, becoming mightier than anyone. With that in mind, he kept working for Nulgath until he lost one's reason. When the man himself reached the age desired, he asked Nulgath to become as mighty as the Abyss Lord. Nulgath smiled and gave Roroth what he asked for. And so, Roroth became just as mighty as Nulgath is, with the slight difference Roroth had become insane of doing millions of quests. He didn't know how to use the mighty powers Nulgath had given him and so, Nulgath controlled his mind and he got an even mightier servant. Roroth.

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WIP gonna try to make it more realistic now... The black lines will be deleted and it will all be done with shades now... Oh, and if youre wondering what languague my photoshop is in, its dutch :d

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It got messy with the shoulder if it would be used as an ava, so made a close up on the head with more detail instead :D I hope you like it

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It's done i think, but i might have to do some little changes. What do you think about this? :D

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Basic line work is done. Don't really know what im gonna do with it now. Tell me what you think!!

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A new skin for Rammus, the Armordillo. A champion from League of Legends, with some changes and drawn in a different style then the usual League of Legends style. I hope you like it! Tips are welcome...

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A simple concept design for my contest entry :D contest here >

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Just did a drawing of Morgan Freeman, tell me what you think!!

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last one xD maybe white still is the best choice :o

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An avatar for came out pretty well and pretty fast also! Getting better at this :3
Also, Aqua, a mention of me making ur ava in ur bio would be very appreciated! :D

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Figured it would be weird to stand that way, so i changed it to this... MUCH better imo :p

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New Avatar in Chibi style. I hope all of you Chibi professionals like it too, because its my first time doing something chibi :p

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Today, a drawing of The Incredible Hulk.. The Avengers inspired me and i like the Hulk even more then Iron Man now :O

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