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More fixes for Roroth! Made the "upperarm clothes" better and darkened some of the shading a little bit

  • 890 days ago via site
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Finished my first set in flash. It's Quintenii, the crazy cowboy, who will eventually evolve into Roroth. Next up on the list to flash is Roroth, the evolved cowboy. Please tell me what you think about the design, what could be improved, etc.. Thanks!

  • 890 days ago via site
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Update on the helm: Adjusted the line thickness and also changed the skin color to something that looks more natural.

  • 892 days ago via site
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My first ever item made in flash. Original sketch here I hope you like it and all tips are welcome seeing as i need to learn ALOT more...

  • 892 days ago via site
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Testing some textures... I'm glad I did. Tell me your thoughts!

  • 914 days ago via site
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Roroth, the evolved. Made with Photoshop. Original handdrawing here:
I hope you like it! Still working on the background..

  • 915 days ago via site
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AQW helm suggestion. I see Dage made a new face for the Dark Caster Class and maybe its a good opportunity to make some more detailed AQW-faces. So here's a suggestion of mine, called "Evil Cowboy" AQW-name = Quintenii

  • 952 days ago via site
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Void of the Western VS Shadow Creatures. This pose took me a while, because i wanted to draw it without example poses. Tell me what you think about it!

  • 955 days ago via site
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AQW version of the Void of the Western
Made by me ofcourse! :p It's for the AQW-SuggestionShop, but feel free to flash it if you want to!!

  • 958 days ago via site
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Added the VoidBreed sign. Developed the idea together with Thanks again, it works!! :D

  • 958 days ago via site
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Got myself a new bionic tentacle ^^

  • 959 days ago via site
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and me are proud to be Followers of the Almighty ! Hear our ROAR!! >:D

  • 960 days ago via site
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Meeting Miltonius (very fast) It was 5 am where he lives. Then he added me :D

  • 961 days ago via site
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Do you like coffee? Well, I like coffee! >:3 *sip*

  • 961 days ago via site
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Made in photoshop, im glad with what i did with the facial hair ^^

  • 962 days ago via site
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When my character got evolved by the Archfiend Overlord, this, is what he got changed into! A huge thanks to , who has inspired me to draw more again and also helped me get better in drawing muscles. Thanks again and i hope you like it!! ^^

  • 963 days ago via site
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Heres the wip its also my new ava :d

  • 964 days ago via site
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An AQW-armorsuggestion.
Its based on my NPC and made into AQW-style...
I hope you like it and most of all, i hope it gets ingame :D

  • 970 days ago via site
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Something i made for . I hope you like it! ^^

  • 970 days ago via site
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Practicing muscles while drawing my NPC... He didn't look mad enough in the previous drawing. But now he does >:3 The Abyss-Overlord desired his arm.. So he gave his arm to him and he got a mythic blade instead...

  • 976 days ago via site
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