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Ok so, decided to upload the WIP with some quick background (didn't make that myself obviously..) Gonna take a break on this project, don't know why :p

  • 629 days ago via site
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The armor without the helm :)

  • 629 days ago via site
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Revamped 'Cowboy Suit' (of Quintenii). The old one was not really AQW styled, so I decided to remake it. Gonna post the armor without the helm soon! Let me know what you think about it!

  • 629 days ago via site
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Made this with photoshop. More cartoon style.. Tried to improve my shading and i think it worked out.. (I didn't make the background obviously :p)

  • 635 days ago via site
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The armor is done! Here it is: Asudem
Its probably the final version, but yeah, you never know...
Put alot of time into making this one, I hope you like it.
The head is the normal one thats on the armor and every couple of seconds it fades over into the right one...
Heres the lore:

Asudem. The man who chose not to kill Medusa, like Perseus, but who chose to absorb her power. And so, he became the only one that survived the glance of Medusa. His armor was actually weaker then him and so, his armor turned into stone. Something happened with his eyes, which gave him the possibility to use the power of Medusa now and then.

  • 642 days ago via site
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Asudem, WIP. Tell me what you think. Thanks.

  • 643 days ago via site
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Design for my first 'armoured' armor is finally done.. Over to flash.. :3

  • 643 days ago via site
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Update on the drawing. My goal was to practice eyes, the mouth and the nose.. So, not gonna waste more graphite to shade the hat :p

  • 646 days ago via site
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Battle Mage Drow. He might look vulnerable because of his lack of armor, but who knows what shields he might have.

I know it's not the best piece of art, but it's just my 2nd armor. The orb couldve been better, but I still learned alot while making this and in the end I'm pretty satisfied. :)

  • 652 days ago via site
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10 soulgems to get this... It better be worth it...

  • 658 days ago via site
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Upload of the 1887 lever shotgun i made for the suggestion shop :)

  • 665 days ago via site
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Flashed the original male template Milton made when AQW started. Won't be giving this one away because no one does. It's not that hard to make anyways :p

  • 667 days ago via site
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Final version of my first ever flashed sword. Didn't change that much except for the handle. (Runes are Anglo Saxon and mean Quintenii)

  • 668 days ago via site
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The first sword I ever flashed :) It's mogloween themed and btw, the runes are Anglo Saxon and mean 'Quintenii'

  • 668 days ago via site
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Made an angry albino rat >:)

  • 670 days ago via site
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Made an 1887 Lever Shotgun, like the one being used in Terminator. Roroth's pile of guns begins to grow >:)

  • 671 days ago via site
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Albino Rat. The last thing for tonight. Credits for the design DO NOT go to me. The design was taken from the 'Green rat' in AQW. I flashed it for practice and because I wanted it to be white :)

  • 671 days ago via site
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This? In AQW? Hell Yeah.

  • 671 days ago via site
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Quintenii, the crazy cowboy, fully flashed. It's my first AQW-set I've ever done. The gun has also been flashed by me, but the design is obviously from . After many many fixes on shading, forms,... This is the final version of Quintenii in AQW. I hope you like it and tell me what you're thinking about it!


  • 671 days ago via site
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Flashed 's gun. So the design is obviously not by me. It's just to practice flashing and it's my first ever weapon in flash! :D

  • 671 days ago via site
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