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WTF?! It's on DVD already?!?

Ok, opening night was about 5 seats off capacity! Lovely audience reaction and lots of positive feedback! Methinks it's not a turkey!!!!

There are some photos that should be photoshopped....

Opening night!!!!!

Final dress run in 2 minutes!!! Scary!!!!

It's close!!!! So close!!!

This job is so freaking awesome!!!

And so... My fall from grace is now complete!

No seriously it does.... I love being abig ol nerd child!

Truly he is this mans best friend! My show keeps getting awesomer!

Big bunny is watching you!

My tardis is coming together! This is awesome!

This door is locked. Resistance is futile.

Look at it glisten! It's the most evil being in the universe. Of course it glistens!

I really love my job sometimes!

Summer in tassie really isn't shit at all!

One of the blonde lusty boys is getting hitched?! Good god! See proof!!!

Now if you're wanting to sleep nerdy this is the way to do it!

That's a stretch limo.... With a trailer. Overkill much?