Peter Chao


Speaking up for timid Asians all across the globe. I don't drink Hatorade, I drink bubble tea. Chao outside, mudafucka!

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Don't drive and drive. #peterchao

My wonderful lady made me a delicious spaghetti dinner! :)

Going to take a shit next to my cat.

Having kimchi fry noodle. I feel like a Korean pop star. 

Gaga has her lil monsters, Bieber has beliebers, do you have your "lil vipers"? Ps. Got your new bluray

As soon as twitter saw my last tweet correcting the description of 's TT of #areyouseriousbro, they smartened up.

Seriously, people don't know why #areyouseriousbro is trending because of ? #areyouseriousbro !!??

Very happy about this matching t-shirt/straw situation I got goin on here. Uh damn right.

I played with instagram cause I ROORRRRRRRR (roll) like that. Join me on G+

A photo would appreciate.

What she order? Fish filet?

Editing tomorrow's video. My dog ate my glasses. I hate him.

My dog just kicked me in the face from this position... Thinks he's king of the castle.

I just cut my thumb with a spoon while washing it. What a klutz and a half.


Creeping into my office (the other side of the living room) LOLzers.

Does this look like a pile of shit or what? well too bad for me cause I'm hongry.

Why can't I haz?

my bad. iTunes works too, brotha but I rock a collection

Out for Chinese dinner very soon and here's a pic of my evening plans: