Thomas Archer


Catcher of frisbees. Herder of chooks and people. Excellent soccer player. Loyal, faithful & dependable. Best friend. Married to an angel @AngelKeely

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Darling, you still have that cute "where am I?" look when you first wake up *kisses*

*He finds one entitled "my first collar" ... she's so little and cute ! *

Found it ! Is not as good as your "laser eyes" tho ! *giggles* "Attack of the Laser Kitties !"

*Tiptoes 2 front door & leaves basket with bacon-wrapped chooks for brekky - 1 for Mama, 1 for Dakota

*Whoosh of GEJ, quick pad of paws up th path, click of door, nommy smells waft under Keely's nose*

A quotation for your new home, from Keely and me *hugs* #LilyPie

*Thomas & Keely R so happy 2B attending th wedding of their furiends #LilyPie

Darling, you look wonderful in your new dress *kisses* #lilypie

Oh, castle is so amazing and full of history !

For your sore throat, pal ... oh, and here's one for Mama too:

*whoosh of GEJ, soft pawpads then the doorbell rings, giggles, running away, whoosh of GEJ*

Here is nice cold image to cool you off *also blows cold air*

Darling ! Yes, here 'tis *runs to wardbrobe* Is this the one? #pedalpawz

Hey buddies ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Issac ! For brekky, from Keely & me

Here pasl, Diet Coke with BACON !!

*Checking skin* I think U OK but you prolly had enough sun *sets brolly up*

Here Marie .. these are nommy catnip cookies, sure Murphy would love! #nipclub

*giggles* Here Gracie, one for you too :o) #nipclub

Here my kitty pal, try one: is nice as long as you don't put too much on ! #nipclub

Sorry Marie, computer froze .. here, have one: #nipclub