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A Timelord that went to Hogwarts then got LOST on an Island and defended the 12 colonies of Kobol. And yes, Ewoks are fluffy.

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esta también caería bien. #DiosPorque

I'm glad i'm not the only one

crime scene

Ok this made me laugh, but still I don't think that'll help with the centipede problem D:

This is what I sent him. #WeatherGirl

I guess Flounder do her nails every now and then #Splash

I know right? The only loki thing I have is this shirt that i'm wearing right now

Like this man. *shivers* Nightmare fuel right there. I Really need to close my OK Cupid account

well actually…

: plz send ur pictures” Here's a picture of my pussy #meowmeow

. is a pretty girly princess! cc:

If Jurassic Park IV doesn't cast as a velociraptor, I will NOT watch the movie. Period.

I see you now! xD that's where you have to go. see the lower sidebar? that's where you have to click

Uploading now. Gotta say, Banana and cranberry smoothie is really good!

He's cumin everywhere! #sexy80sSoftporn cc:

it's been years since I moved my "office" from my bed to an actual desk so here's a pic to celebrate. #photogenic

so if it's blog then type "blog" and use a coma

*searches comics* It was about oranges, my bad #nobananas #catwomanandtheimportanceofvitaminC