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I just want to live a life I'm going to remember...even if I don't write it down - OTH// I tweet about TV shows and the sitcom that is my life.

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When this clock stopped working, I set it so I could say,"The clock on the wall has been stuck at 3 for days and days."

Madre stopped in the street &had me run onto a porch to pick this up.What are these Tupperware ladies into? #spinachdip

We'll still be Pole Mates at heart, though L and I have been separated from our pole and each other. </3

Yay! made us dinner! #wifestatus

Wearing feety pajamas on my 25th birthday. Think would be proud? #nevergrowup

Marissa's birthday present. Aka all one really needs in life. :D

Love my roommate. #fridgemessages

AHHH!! THE RISEN MITTEN AT MY WORK!! A is out to get me, I KNEW it! #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars #BooRadleyVanCullen

Biggie is like "What. Is. Happening." #doggieinacube

"I think I gave Valerie too much responsibilty. We had leftover chocolate &she dipped everything she could find in it."

This is a lot closer than I intended on being to Times Square on NYE. At least I can say I've been? #justpassingthrough

My phone camera sucks so it's blurry but for a second I thougt a real person was on a building.

Margarita glass of sauvignon blanc aka bowl of wine. Tonight already wins.

This was very calming. Not as fun/rewarding as actual coloring, but still enjoyable. #dontjudgeme

This is obviously what I'm doing right now. #stockingstuffer #grownupshmownshmup #magic

Based on all the comments I got re: me drinking wine, even though I'm 24, I think my fam still sees me like this:

This shirt + Santa hat + Christmas music. Round 1 of presents open, rest of the fam is on their way. I love Christmas.

Little Ben!

Listening to a real life #glee club sing in Faneuil Hall! They're so cute!

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