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Part skypirate, part diagnostician, part nerdherder, part flailing psychic.

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Fine. Fuck you, photobucket.

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Jess and I`s gay little Christmas tree. Emphasis on the gay. And yes, that's a special breed of sparkly tree lobster.

The Playstation 3 is not only a Blu-ray player and game system, it is also an excellent heater.

I has the best girlfriend ever. She makes dinner and I find this on my plate. :3 #aww #IllShutUpNow

Kitties in ties make everything better, yes?

yes. :3 Tomorrow contains cookies, coffee, and kittens. Like this one:

My Halloween costume for Lora's birthday dinner. :D #Gaga

My cat has fished a new toy out of my backpack and has been dragging it around the apartment...

My newest decoration. I am the biggest loser in the world.

finished. And picture,less washed out.

it's washed out all to fuck, but here you are.

See? Paradise Kiss and AFI. Thus shelves must be built to make the fangirl shush.

Documenting that rare occasion I do my makeup and hair and it turns out the way I intended. :3 Possible new avatar?

two green, one orange, one Orange and white it looks like.

is that one that looks like this on the ends?

Oh, teapot. You're my best friend.

have a retarded cat in exchange.

Hey look, the painting for real this time! And lightened so you can see it! HOLY SHIT. COMPUTERS WORK.

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Finished painting. Sorry the image is so dark.

I begin to think I should get this obsession with skulls looked into...

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