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#WhoToldYou rockin THIS was a good idea! Olll Cat n da Hat, used 2 do Smack lookin boy!!!

Has anybody ever heard of this Brand b4?!

The best number around!! Wudnt u say so

Annnnnd he already runnin thangs!! LOL!!!

Mommy doesn't really want him to go!! LOL!

My lil man chuckin up da #Deuces already for dis school thang! LOL!!

This is how you Coach! - even in Pre-Season!

Wat do u think she's thinkin right now?! LOL! -- And a big #No50 btw... Dont worry, ul see why! Lol

OK, took yalls advise... IM DRINKING IT!!! #Khuuuuud

WHAT am I supposed to do wit a Drink THIS BIG...This EARLY n the DAY!?

And this is IN Montgomery County!! LOL!!

STOP DA FIGHT!! Ya man is out COLD!!!!!!!

I feel pretty good bout my draft!! I got Week 1 in the bag tho!

Mind you... THIS is a GUY wearing this mess!! Yes, those r Cowboy boots HE is wearing!

#ToiletTweet Look wat sumbody left behind da door 4 me as I left out! Were they tellin me sumthin?

This is ME #whenIwasLittle----»

#whenIwasLittle my sister and I wur best friends!! Dats still my girl tho! Love u Meka!

<--- and his brother!! Dis is a #whenIwasLittle Moment right here!!

Why is ya man on his Cell Phone leaning up against a Pay Phone! Guess he misses da old days!