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[E] & @GeeksWhoDrink quizmaster, wanna-be performer & writer. I drive an old truck. Husband of @mckenna_deirdre.

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Anyone else's Friday morning routine look like this? D:

Thanks for the opportunity to get into Wizard World Austin. Got pics and autographs from !

I got to bottle feed some little black lambs at my parents' house.

I have this one, myself, recorded in the wee hours. I only remember the picnic part.

Thanks for posing for a picture with me! My wife and I loved the show. #ATXSketch

Front of house at Spider House Ballroom.

My beer has a handle now. I AM A GENIUS. (Vulgar matchbox in background is a email bonus prize.)

Family with all the kids dressed in Star Wars costumes, two different Leias, even. And a toddler Yoda! Adorable. #FCBD

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Flea market in Florida has your favorites, . , too? Who likes churros?

Hey there, Atlantic. How're you?

When I travel, I use my granddad's suitcase. Luggage on wheels & checked bags are for suckers.

Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band at Honk! Texas! Fuck yeah!

Yo, here's me from NxNW.

What has two thumbs and got amazing stuff for his birthday? This guy!

Check out the selection of games at this Boston coffee shop! Looks familiar...

Really proving the power of your message, graffiti writer. Not a detriment to your cause at all. Nope.

What the fuck does this fortune cookie mean? Anyone?

What can you do with this face?

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