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Tweety posthumole from the grale beyonders, sprinkly wise worms all tricklyhow in the eardrobes of the human specie.

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Chocolly Cakeloder. Delishymost. Oh yes.

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Prizeloder for Charitale Competishy -

Proofloppers that Rupery Murdocher understabs the worm 'irony'. Deep folly.

Anybole else lumpymost in the throakus at this pictule?

Scrile exciteymost at gift arriveage this mordy from Professy's Sonloder. Deep joy indeel!

Summerymost brekker. Oh yes.

Scrile's philosolopper.

Delishymost chocoloppers. Only throo bajillion caloriloders. Deep joy.

Remindymost of coverloder of a certail Rotatey Disker.

Waveloders soothymost, all trickly-how into the evelubrius. Joy!

Catloder doing 'aloof' in sunshile

Scrile strummage on the guitar-strales

Roastly baa-lamb with beetlyroot, carrotloder, roastly taters and fennel

Psychedelilopper yarnage.

Scrile discovery that Dante overlooked other pitloder of Hell

Busily day horticultulopper in the garbage. Deep joy.

Watchit Raymonny Blancloder on drizzly evelubrius makes Prof think of Summery Patisserie

Tortilla, Papas Bravas, Manchego y Ensalada

Tortilla MadrileƱa. Deep joy.

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