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#NOLA radio station 107.1 The Monkey posts this delicacy. What say you, #Reveleers? #MardiGras2014 #Carnival2014

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Come see me at 1618 Oretha Castle Hayley for today's Art Market!

At the OCH Art Market 1618 Oretha Castle Hayley Blvd. from 10am to 3pm TODAY!

Contrary to the #NOCVB the #mardigrasindians have only been around since after the Civil War. #mardigras2014

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Safety tips for #carnival2014 & #mardigras2014 from #profcarlnivale Be safe, be sure, and have fun!

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A pertinent question from the good folks at Haydel's Bakery and from SnoWizard Snowballs! #carnival2014 #mardigras

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Your humble Professor's #carnival2014 Parade Calendar is HERE! Keep track of all the parades this #mardigras2014

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Huzzah! Our #facebook page surpassed 1K "Likes" today! Thanks Reveleers!

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NOLA City Council to debate and decide new #Carnival2014 ordinances today. See pic for docket. #mardigras2014

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Preparing to go on #WWLTV for #twelfthnight

2 beautiful costumes based on The Lemonnier Mansion

Sally Ann interviews on St. Charles Ave. for Mardi Gras!

With the Morning Show folks for Mardi Gras 2013!

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Our Carnival Heritage: Krewe of Centurions
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Formed in 1979, the Centurions take their inspiration from the Roman legions of brave soldiers that led the armies into battle. Originally formed by a partnership of businessmen from the Harahan - River Ridge area, Centurions paraded for two seasons on Jefferson Highway before taking up the Veterans Memorial Parade route in 1981. In 2004 and '05 they were the anchor krewe for Super Parade Sunday with Rhea and the now defunct krewe Mercury. One of the greatest aspects of the Centurion parades are their attention to children and families, choosing themes that can be enjoyed by all. Centurions share a commitment to children's causes with Little Rascals, Mid-City, Muses, Sparta, and Thoth.

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RT: Our Carnival Heritage: Le Krewe d'État
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Seeing the need for a return to the satire of the old-line krewes, d'État eschewed mythological, historical, or literary references in its search for a name, settling instead upon a clever pun that firmly established their raison d'etre when they formed in 1996. Lieutenants ride on horseback, flambeaux illuminate the route, and a slyly jaundiced eye takes its shots at issues of the day in classically satirical Mardi Gras style.
The krewe's floats are designed by Henri Schindler, distinguished Carnival historian and head designer for the School of Design (The Rex Organization). The Latin motto "Vevite ut Vehatis, Vehite ut Vivatus" translates to "Live to Ride, Ride to Live."

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RT: Our Carnival Heritage: Krewe of Hermes
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Created by a group of Orleans businessmen in 1937 to boost the fading parade schedule after the Great Depression, the knights take their name from the Greek mythos of the winged courier of the gods. Featuring flambeaux, Hermes an old-line parade with a modern twist. When Hermes first rolled in the streets of New Orleans, they were the first parade to use neon lighting on their floats. The identity of the King of Hermes is never revealed, but the queen's name is announced on parade day.
The Krewe of Hermes is one of eight night parades that still feature flambeaux carriers, and they share this link to the early days of modern Carnival with the krewes of Babylon, Chaos, d'Etat, Ancient Druids, Orpheus, Proteus, and Sparta.

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Our Carnival Heritage: Krewe of Orpheus
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Greek audiences will recognize Orpheus as the musically-inclined son of Zeus and Calliope who toured throughout the Underworld in search of his beloved Eurydice. In New Orleans, the krewe established themselves as a superkrewe with their first parade in 1994 that rolled with 700 riders, a record. Lundi Gras night (in the slot previously held by Proteus prior to 1992) Orpheus takes to the streets with a bevy of signature floats, including the fiberoptic Leviathan , the Smokey Mary, the Trojan Horse, and the Dolly Trolley; the streetcar used in the musical motion picture "Hello Dolly!"
The krewe was formed by Harry Connick, Jr. international music star and native New Orleanian, and award-winning theatre director & producer Sonny Borey. The superkrewe is the third to use the name Orpheus. The first Krewe of Orpheus was a non-parading ball krewe in Orleans Parish during the 1940's and 1950's, and the Original Krewe of Orpheus in Covington, which began parading in 1988. But the superkrewe Orpheus is by far the most memorable with their rosters of celebrity guests, highly generous riders, and a spectacular parade. 2013 marks Orpheus' 20th anniversary.

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Our Carnival Heritage: The Formation of Zulu
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In 1909, a unique krewe began by doing what no others had done; satirizing Rex himself. The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club began as a group of benevolent aid societies and various marching clubs and groups. Benevolent aid societies were formed in the New Orleans Black community as a kind of insurance for the community, generally covering emergency needs and funeral costs. The city itself is divided into separate 'wards', with each ward having its own Carnival groups. One of these groups was called The Tramps, who had been marching on Mardi Gras since 1901. In 1909, members of The Tramps attended the Temple Theatre in the Knights of Pythias building in the 200 block of Loyola Ave. There, they saw a skit by the vaudeville act The Smart Set entitled "There Never Was and Never Will Be a King Like Me," about the Zulu Tribe. After the performance, The Tramps walked to a saloon at the corner of N. Rampart & Perdido, picking up friends and members of the benevolent aid societies. They met in a backroom of that saloon and emerged as the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Society. Their first march as The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club proclaimed William Story as the first Zulu King. Whites and blacks have marched together in Zulu since the early days, which was illegal during segregation. To allow everyone to ride in anonymity every member rode adorned in 'blackface' makeup, a tradition that continues to this day. King Zulu the First wore a lard can crown and carried a banana stalk sceptre, with the members attired in rags and tatters. Mocking Rex's arrival on the river, King Zulu arrived on an oyster lugger at the terminus of a bayou in the area now occupied by the Greyhound Bus Station. The famed coconuts first appeared in 1910 in their natural hairy state. It was another few years until a sign painter named Lloyd Lucas would scrape and paint the coconuts, to create the highly-collectible handcrafted coconuts seen today.

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