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does anyone know what that stupid little arrow icon next to the mail thing means? its been there forever and idk wat to do! help!

my wonderful winter phone backgroundd

Got the entire physical science section narrowed down to one side of a scratch paper

My lunch. Being at home is so bad for me -_-

Snuggled up in my snuggie reading general science flash cards.

Costcos very berry smooothiee

That's right! My nephews rocking a RUN DMC shirt! Thug lifeee

Hell yea bronxxx whoooop

Ready to be out to city island for some seafood and bonding w the famfam

On my way to queeeens for Sonalys Bdayyy

is it sad that I'm excited to go to costco??

Which one should I dooo!? Helpp

Lovepuppy says goodnite too

Mango is my new fave flavor!!! Raspberries just make it all the more better