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So , you had to picture the 3 people involved, but why isn't Miranda Kerr dressed?!

Really, ?! "Girl cop"? Would the headline read "boy cop" if the officer had a penis? #EverydaySexism

Got my first delivery. Two of my coworkers were so excited to watch me open it, they've signed up too!

Downloaded . Here's my 'one year ago' and 'two years ago'. Some things never change... #Klutz #AccidentProne

Thanks, it usually looks a bit more rockstar...

RT : YOUR HAIR IS SHORT!!! << I cut it to donate for a wig for a little girl with cancer:

Well, , it's the width of a double bed and... umm, here!

Here's my toilet rash selfie, ! #TraderTipple

I may feel like death warmed up, I'm on antibiotics & can't drink, but I've dragged myself out to see !

I think it sorted itself out. I topped up on Mon & this came through this AM. Don't know how I'm topping up wrong

And it's the Companion Cube with hearts, not the Weighted Storage Cube with the Aperture logo! #Portal

I wasn't concentrating while reading Twitter. This is how 's rant appeared to me... #WaitWhat #Zombies

How your rant appeared in my timeline. #WaitWhat #Zombies

How adorable is this photo? :3

Here's my #SmileADay at ! Waiting for & The !!! #BST

Waaaaay ahead of you...

Look how we said good night the other night! Two writers apparently = super cute!! :D

This is him! He's pulling a bit of a stupid face though... haha! He doesn't take himself too seriously! :)