·.¸¸.·°* í'm just α gírl ·.¸¸.·°* thαt lσvєs hím ·.¸¸.·°* (α вít tσσ much ) ·.¸¸.·°* sσ í'm 15 and crazy! ·.¸¸.·°*

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Driving along :L xo

Just done 25miles! Woop woop :D xo

Well isn't that lovely xo

Never get boiling water on you :( xo


Loving my nails for school tomorrow ;) xo

Nearly the end of the week xo

This is what I do instead of hw aha. Barbie ftw xo

So I decided to stick random things on my phone case :L xo

The final xo

They havent rised yet, just been put in. But daym they taste goood&healthy.. Strawberry oat muffins

Good old english weather, don't stop me though ;) xo

Complete, so proud of myself :D 90:39 mins aha xo

New pair of shoes :D A girl can never have to many ;) xo

Note 2self. Dont punch walls or this will happen.. Cant c but it's blue :/ bb cams are shit :L

It is so big :/ aha

Found a frog and I'm going to call him freddy :D xo

My favorite fork, got my name on ;) xx

You can't beat it!

My phone made flame purple wtf aha xoxo

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