Dann & Martha Paquette run Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project along with Anya & Jim. We brew quirky beers from MA. Good Time Artisanal Beers!

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We just spotted our first rockie! Awwwright! Dann was first to spot them so he gets a hot fudge sundae. After all the BBQ, that could be his last hurrah.

We're in Colorado! Anya is at the wheel, John is shotgun. Looking forward to seeing our friend Jeff from New Belgium!

Martha's at the wheel for a rainy drive through Kansas. Just passed into mountain time.

There's Dann with today's wort, that's a smuggypants brewer right there! We've had a ball brewing here, thanks so much to everyone at for all the fun!

A glass of beer, then a shower and more BBQ

There's our wort and our yeast. We're transferring onto wood for primary fermentation.

That glow is a backlit glimpse of Stingo wort (last runnings). Batch two is now mashed in as well.

Enough is enough. Today we are just having a light lunch.

Good morning. We're milling 4100 kilos of Fawcett Malt for Stingo at Boulevard.

More Woodyard...

Spent the morning trying test batches, now this is the BBQ place we've ended up at: Woodyard. Unreal day for PTB&AP!

We're here at Boulevard!

Anya, Dann and Jack. Anyone know where?

Loads of fun in KC with Jeremy from Boulevard

And a few Bell's Oberon too

This is a picture of Anya. She just ate her first corndog.

Finally in Kansas City. At The Foundry in 85f degree heat. All is well. Excited for a great three days!

We are all members of the church of Elvis.

Not sure we've seen Anya happier than this.

Good morning! Dann's ordering malt from Starbucks. He is also doing his best laurel & hardy impression.