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I'm just a man.. Nothing more, nothing less..

Getting personal..

So they say they wanna see my eyes...

Ok! So NY was crazy!! Bye Bye NY!! DC I'm headed home!!


New York New York!!!! Here I come!!! #mobile

#FF because it's "Bread,Breezys,and Berry" until infinity!

yeah.. That's me!! And you're the best sports fan in the #Twittercapitol

Dont be!! I want you to come to the #presidentsclub RT : Awesome I'm so jealous

This is how I roll!!!

Come through tonight and get with ME!! and the PartyBoys!

Nuff Said!! #Whosonyourtwitter

for you!

Have a drink with me beautiful!

That's a beautiful thing. #Forgetaboutit

and This is what we do!

Anyone up for a Hangover!?!? Dude is sooooo funny!! I was dying!!

You can hate but you're wasting your time!!

Hey!! It's and the dude from the hangover! Check it out he's super wasted lol

You can hate but your wasting your time!

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