On the lookout for people, places and things that scream out the course, countrified side of Prescott, Arizona.

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Tomatillo eating caterpillar looks like a giant #ladybug

View south from Bean Peaks burn area. The northern most point in Yavapai Co that Jojoba grows wild.

Antique finish on our baseboards.

Coldframes at work in March.

The Coldframes really helped my Arugula get going early, hoping the carrots do the same.

#Funky green radiators found in renovation downtown #Prescott.

Vishnu Schist on the Colorado near Grapevine Rapids. 4x5 transparency scan. 1982

View from Shoshone Pt. #GC Wotans, Vishnu on horizon. Film scan 1982.

Milky Rose Quartz xtl, Iron stained vein quartz #Yavapai co. #Tucsongemshow

Some of the Hematite concreations show fossils on the back. #Tucsongemshow #Junipermesa

Self collected Sandstone with Hematite concreations. #Tucsongemshow #Junipermesa

Quartz xtl with backlighting showing crystal growth layers. #Skullvalley #Tucsongemshow

Self collected Quartz xtl with rich Hematite coating. #Skullvalley #Tucsongemshow

Getting ready for the #Tucsongemshow. I'll be posting some self collected Az.minerals

Tweeked 4x5 scan from Big Lake.

Trying out some 4x5 scans from eons ago.

That trench? Yup, that trench. Fill it with crete. In this rain? Yes.

Here's Ziggy fresh back from the store #prescott Groomers. Pretty dashing eh?