I'm that guy who builds stupidly big things in Minecraft. http://www.Youtube.com/PotatoOrgy

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found my old magic deck!

nope but I got this!

The fellas and I have been having a real heart to heart. We're going to drop these kids at the pool soon.

someone unloaded a .40 about 3 houses down from lee's house. #stocktonisscary

back at and the 900D

very fancy birch box this month

oh great...

I bet she codes a mean PHP.

my high school and asphalt apparently. I'm good at taking pictures

ok that didn't work time for a 5:30am walk and an audio book

ah fuck...

My game SSD just turned itself off while I was using it... Seriously are gremlins breaking my pc while I'm asleep?


time for the widow maker. If I die delete my browser history.

ah fuck me come on

left: two 690s. Right: two Titans. That's $4k worth of beastly graphics. God damn..


huzzah it lives!

great looks like my rode mic is broken too. New batteries still not working

here's a good picture of how wide it is. The hole is a standard 5.25

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