Everyone always looks good in all black!

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Someone decided to help mama work.

Wow. This Bsides SFO yearbook is really cool & creative!!

I tweaked your pic a bit:

Forget diamonds- today a boot is a girl's best friend! :D

Heaven is in a brown bottle today...

I've graduated to a soothing blue, and 2 more weeks 0-pressure in a 'real' cast.... :*(

Fierce warrior hounds keeping watch over their leader.
(leader=one who provides delicious treats)

Ah-there's your Flock of Seagulls! You may like this - I photo what I like 2 buy later- faster than Shazam.


Me too! Got these last year! However I have to order the made in England shoes now. :|

Let me translate this look: "Drop some food on the floor Now human-slave!"

This is Sally. She was 1/2 Arabian & I was one of the few who would ride her.

Place in OAK- biggest barrel I've ever seen!

GIANT snow flakes!

: And I want a pony. A unicorn pony. <~ Your wish is my command!!

For the dog-people- trying these teeth cleaning chews- seem to work well! (no 'junk' in them) cc

Very odd. Omaha Steaks come w/ Conversation Cards?? Are most people boring who order them!?

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