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Founder of What I Wore Today - @WIWT. My surname isn't Disney and I'm not a DJ/model/cupcake. Daily Mail did once call me 'saucy' though. e = poppy@wiwt.com

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I am sipping homemade ORS. Mmmmm sugar water.

Bored of feeling like I have 1000 knives in my stomach. I feel like my dear Rosamund, but not as well composed.

Wait, you're NOT supposed to defecate in the hygiene bin?

A new era of Twitter spam. Via email.

and UGGs

This is how he signs off. God bless JB.

I'm rarely interested in comms from asking for donations, but this from "Jeremy Bentham" made me smile a lot.

Hmmm that pic only just posted. Oh well, didn't sell that bag anyway so if you want it - holler! £180.

Taxpayers, yes. But toilets in Edgware Rd are disgusting. Filthy floor, no coat hook, broken hand drier...

It was indeed delish :) X

Amaze time at . Can't wait to post pics of all their glam outfits next week. Adam and co are perfect hosts!

I have this one, same one?! I LOVE it but I am a bit of a milk that isn't from cows fanatic.

Hey! Human trafficking is bad! Hey! Nice ass honey! And there lies the problem.

I wonder if this email is from my Mother?

Gosh darn it. If only I was single.

Off to Harley Street to have things done to my eyeballs. Expecting to come out looking like this.

Omg can you imagine the texts when I'm 35?

Genuinely stunned that this was the official response from my school when I asked for help organising a 10 year reunion

Unspeakably delicious pumpkin cannelloni at with .

People who "get" passion fruit! I bought three in a pack, is it normal for half to be virtually 'empty'?