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Lamb is gorgeous. I always forget how much. Cuter the animal, better the taste? :-P

Party on Madras lawn. For .

I understand, I think, the m1=1 and m2=2, but dunno why m3=1 not 3.

Its all Greek to me. #matrix #symmetry

Look at all this learning which is going on.

Evidently, I'm too keen.

We're doing symmetry. Serious business apparently.

Haven't seen this in years!

Nom nom 1080p :-P

This photo doesn't do just how dark this place is. "The Last Train"


One day, these machines will be wireless. .... now, where's my mouse?

Cumbernauld bus station is horrific, and the shopping mall...

Views from a castlehill

Views from a castlehill

Views from a castlehill

Such a lovely day

My favourite coffee

That's just creepy.

This is my kinda museum!