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ICYMI: The Most Epic Celebrity Photobombs of All Time: http://popdu.st/YExYbZ Our personal fave:

Happy Birthday Tyler, The Creator ()! Your golf lovin' alter ego baked for ya: http://popdu.st/Xqs93l

Time to play everyone's favorite game: GUESS THE EYE! (Answer: http://bit.ly/XAmwPn)

We're straight up in love with the guy in this picture: http://bit.ly/VKKycd

25 Pictures of Birthday Girl Smoking a Fat Blunt: http://bit.ly/VKKycd

Dr. Dre's Birthday + Presidents' Day = bit.ly/XkWXyF

Hehe. http://bit.ly/15pVXQn

Happy Bday to The Monkees' Peter Tork! RT If he'll always be #Topanga's (first) dad to you: http://bit.ly/12Mvcpg

Yo #TeamBritney! Have you downloaded the mobile backgrounds we made ya? http://bit.ly/ZarBR3

From Gaga to Sufjan, 7 Songs that Mention #Birthday Boy Abe Lincoln: http://bit.ly/XwAJg0 (Did we miss any?)

Kid Cudi + Kid Kid Cudi = http://bit.ly/YEvQEg

RT If you're as shocked as we are that this is baby . #HappyBirthdayGlambert

Get it? http://bit.ly/10U8nPS

ICYMI #HARMONIZERS: We made y'all these mobile wallpapers! (Download Here: http://bit.ly/WAfLKK)

THIS. GIRL IS ON FIRE! (LITERALLY!) #HappyBirthdayAliciaKeys http://bit.ly/10WFVhi

Let's take this opportunity to remember this moment in lip syncing history. (Watch: http://bit.ly/144IlIo)

This adorable thing turns 37 today. Can you guess who it is? (Answer: http://bit.ly/Vg6awx)

Can you guess who this birthday boy is? (Answer here: http://bit.ly/XhXtg4 )

.! What are you trying to tell us with this tattoo! http://bit.ly/U4miOY

My bump don't lie. http://bit.ly/11zwIuk

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