Young savage girl lost among the lily pads....

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'Hello may I speak to Barbara? Barbara, this is Shirley' Tour

My friends treat me so good. Said they were gonna get me this for Christmas

: My head is about to explode. Help me understand.”

Me last night when said 'take the rest of the food for lunch'

Word up.

How Sassy Niggas read my tweets

When ya homegirl talk about how she got that good stroke

So now you gotta worry about STDs and Ebola?

its in Durham too!

Nigga, all I can do is laugh...like what??

What I'm wearing tonight. Prom night!

: Soon as females turn feminists they go from fleek to ah hell nah bulldykes. Smh”

So are the dishes actually clean if you wash them...with no dish soap?

: what u need

: Them rough thrusts be makin' ya legs wobble. Hard to keep the arch.

I heard.”

: You're just going to laugh at me? Not gonna answer my question?

: twitpic your face when you didnt cum and he asks you if you came.”

: I rather my nigga fuck 20 bitches one time than one bitch 20 times.