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I like big fish & I cannot lie.

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Buss'n caps at Mammoth Cave Campground with

  • about 22 hours ago via Echofon
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My temporary transportation until I fall off.

Been a good day so far... Beer 30 now. #CheersThen

Snatched up a few hammer monkeys & then sent em back in today.

Had an awesome day on the water snatchin' up hammer monkeys.

Gonna put in a few hours at the office.

...just found out that "synergy & excitement" actually means cutting your ears off with a rusty knife.

Little river monster.

Like a boss!

Stopped by the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga today. Dang shame they don't rent fishin' poles.

Can't leave Atlanta without a few souvenirs.

Boom goes the dynamite. A hot damn dozen of them Krispy Kreme nuggets.

Welcome to Atlanta. $30.00 an hour to bowl & $16.00 pitchers. Cheers?

Gonna be a big ol' hootenanny in a bit. Love it when ppl show up with instruments on 4wheelers. \m/

Time to stream Rock Anthems, build a fire, grill slaw dawgs, & work on the basement fridge door. \m/ #Cheers

Awesome day so far. Hot rods, live music, & ice cream. \m/

Well... I was gonna turn the bug light off & go to bed but this came on. Gonna be a few now... \m/

1:charcoal grilled bun. 2:add ice cream. 3:drizzle fresh honey. 4:sell this. 5:collect millions of dollars. #foodporn

A peek in. Can't forget the buttery ass tin foil wrapped Vidalias. #foodporn #CharcoalGriller

A peek in. Can't forget the buttery ass tin foil wrapped Vidalia. #foodporn #CharcoalGriller \m/