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+ . also does everyone else have pics from Africa as results, or is it just me?

the youtube thing today is freaking me out

awww that's gross facebook. Why did you have to do that?

is this supposed to happen on myewb?

WHAT!?... WAT!?!?! WAAAAAT!!?! WHAAAAAAATTTTTTT WHAT!? Ican'tmakeitanymorecapitalized,butWHAAAAAAAT!? Globe and Mail..

LIONEL... doesn't like paper bags (just for a break from all this social justice stuff)

THIS TIME: A note to follow SO

the front page: All white females (with "hot asses"), all white males, and no description needed

When I don't tweet a lot it means I'm stressed or happy. This time it's both. But, this is great:

man, I need a signature as cool as Kurt Vonnegut

? (found on How to Be a Hipster, Chapter 1)

This is encouraging. Now, how can I beat

I keep seeing these and thinking someone is going to come up with some real lawyer explanation.It's too crazy otherwise

My tweets today have been about assimilation, protests,appropriation and racism. HERE'S SOME PUPPIES DRESSED LIKE CATS

red hair, blonde beard:

This is the 3rd or 4th time this has come up as a suggested friend. Not even any friends in common.

These pictures perfectly sum up my Christmas


I AM tired of paying retail in Gander