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#Vancouver Follk Fest. ...ever been so happy u keep tearing up? )))))

YES!!! REAL homemade Chai Tea at th #Vancouver Folk Fest!!! )))

avante garde clothing at th #Vancouver Folk Fest! )

kids chasing bubbles at th #Vancouver Folk Fest!!! )))))

#Vancouver Folk Fest! )

my fav snack at th #Vancouver Folk Fest!!! )))

For 3days a yr Elysium comes to Terra in #Vancouver Folk Fest! Folk ur brains out Beach fri-sun! ))

dining tent for th #Vancouver Folk Fest!

#Vancouver Folk Fest staff and volunteer kitchen!

We are totally having fun setting up th kitchen for th #Vancouver Folk Fest!!! )))

Stage One for th little Folks! #Vancouver

it looks so different w/out th fence! Jericho Park Beach #Vancouver!

th main stage! )

setting up th main stage! #Vancouver Folk Festival! )

Before th Folk Festival. th main entrance. #Vancouver )

When is someone gonna do something w/ these totems!? #SquamishNation )))

He's an angel!


Cap park Totem. ))) #Vancouver

#Vancouver. #Native at heart. christianity failed, an we are still here! )))))