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Founded over 75 years ago, Plan works in 50 developing countries to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

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It's World Toilet Day today. How many names for poo can you think of? #Sanitation #WTD2012

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It's World Toilet Day today! Spread the word on good sanitation and hygiene. Share this! #WTD2012 #Sanitation

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Malala Day is celebrated on 10 November 2012. Well done to the international community and those in Pakistan!

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Happy Malala Day today! Over 2 million signatures for Malala. How will you celebrate this success?

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A boy with his mother at one of the 109 clinics established by Plan to help the Haitians after the earthquake.

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Imagine how well a family prospers when a girl completes her #education beyond secondary school! #bcimagirl

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Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched the International Day of the Girl yesterday at Parliament House.

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Did you know? Let's celebrate the launch of Because I am a Girl tomorrow! #bcimagirl #rights

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People are scaling new heights to watch Because I am a Girl rock concert in Mumbai. #bcimagirl #report #UN

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#bcimagirl concert in Mumbai is happening now! Looking forward to tomorrow's launch! Please RT :-) #report

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SD Sukoharjo Elementary School in Indonesia is an all inclusive school thanks to accommodating students with special needs including blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, and autism, alongside other students

Labib, ag
ed 14 has austism, and used to go to a school exclusively for children with special needs, but in his father, Raslim's, words, improved little there, “maybe because most of his friends were like him, so he was not challenged to progress.” At SD Sukoharjo there are 5 teachers certified to instruct children with special needs. Teachers received their knowledge and skills through Plan Indonesia at a 1-3 day training course in the characteristics of various disabilities and how to modify their teaching to accommodate them.

The results of the training have been tremendous. Raslim explains: “This school treated my child equally. The students know how to deal with friends with special needs nicely. The teachers are very patient, even more patient than parents.”

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Plan Togo handed over 2,679,293 #mosquito nets to the Togolese government for distribution to families in Togo!

The net distribution follows a strict process, firstly a census was taken of families requiring a mosquito net. The second step was the provision of a ticket and finally the net is distributed. When the beneficiaries arrive at the distribution centre, they have to show their ticket and the volunteers cross check their identity.

The project to curtail deaths from malaria and reduce guinea worm and river blindness infections is being rolled out across Togo as part of a US$25,200,000 partnership between the country's Ministry of Health, Plan and The Global Fund. The partnership in Togo is one of 3 between Plan and The Global Fund in West Africa with a combined value of more than $50,500,000.

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#ElSalvador A woman helps a child draw a picture in The Community Circles for Attention to Early Childhood (CAIPI) centre.

This project addresses the lack of access to education and health care in early childhood, and provides comprehensive care to children with the support of their community. The children range from 0 to 6 years old and take part in sessions at the centre with their parents or caregivers!

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Construction has begun on a new school in #Haiti to give children their essential right to #education! .

"Construction has started on a new national school in Petite Plaine, South-East Haiti. It is a green school project supported by the OAK Foundation and will benefit students who have been attending lessons in shelters for many years.

It will feature six classrooms measuring 50m, a modern administrative block and toilet block, all with access for people with reduced mobility. The structure will be ready in December, according to the engineer Edisson Laforest, national technical infrastructure advisor for Plan Haiti. This initiative by Plan in support of the Haitian government and funded by the OAK Foundation will support the community and enable children to facilitate their essential right to education! "

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It's playtime in #Laos! Thanks to constructive and independent play is now a part of #childhood in Bokeo province.

Plan Laos has provided parenting orientation, designed to teach caregivers how to provide a healthy environment for children promoting the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of children.

Lat, and husband Bounhiem were a
mongst many parents in a Laotian village in Bokeo province who were unaware at the importance of play for children under 6. But now, their children four-year-old Nuam, his three-year-old sister Loun, and their older sister 10-year-old Noy are lucky, they get to play with educative and stimulating toys like a wooden car, an old scooter wheel, a toy grasshopper, and woven rattan balls.

Plan have been teaching caregivers how to make toys with local resources, and provided three days of training spread over several months on topics such as local arts, songs, stories and play.

Plan Laos’ Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programme manager Mr. Somxay Inthasone explains: “When children play with friends, they divide the responsibilities of play, thereby learning how to interact and survive in a society.”

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#SouthSudan marks 1 year of #independence! Tabu Enike, 16, South Sudanese student;

"The biggest thing I will celebrate in our first year of independence is the restoration of peace. Freedom is like a dark cloud that has been lifted over our heads. Being free means everything to me. Now there are streets lights and we are now free to walk outside in the evening.”

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For the 9th year, (República Dominicana) and Friends of the Americas hosted 'Summer Educational Between Friends', a partnership promoting youth participation through volunteering. This year, over 60 youth volunteers from the U.S., Nicaragua and Dominican Republic shared experiences with 28 youth groups in the provinces of Azua, San Juan de la Maguana, Barahona and Elías Piña.

Plan Dominican Republic involves around 700 adolescents and young people in citizenship activities and intercultural exchanges, by conducting recreational camps, and implementing projects such as libraries, playground repairing and environment cleaning.

These activities and initiatives have benefited more than 70,000 people in communities across the region.

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Plan #Guatemala uses heavy rainfall to provide safe water for communities. #water #sanitation

“Before Plan’s project we went with my brothers and my mom to get water. We all walk a long distance to bring the water at about five in the morning. I carried two jars with water on a trail with ups and downs, that trail is filled with sharp stones. Now that we have a water tank we don’t need to carry water no more... sometimes we go, but perhaps just one time. The project is very good because now we have enough drinkable water. The water of our barrel is used to wash clothes, is not drinkable. But that of the water collector we can drink, it’s clean and safe. So now I have time to play with my brothers and cousins. Now I'm studying and I have plenty of time to do my homework. With the tank we don’t need to go to the spring, which is almost always dry.”

Angel, Plan sponsored child in Guatemala

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An image of the vast, dry, cracked land the food crisis has brought to Tillabéri, #Niger #Sahel #FoodCrisis

Severe food shortages threaten more than six million people in Niger. Funding is urgently needed to stave off a food crisis in the band of dry, drought-ridden territory that stretches from Senegal to Chad called the Sahel. Niger is home to some of the poorest people in the world and many factors this year have aggravated chronic food vulnerability. Those include soaring grain prices and irregular rainfall, as well as an influx of tens of thousands of Malian refugees fleeing the Tuareg rebellion.

Plan is stepping up its response to the Sahel food and refugee crisis, including Niger, which is already on the verge of a food crisis. Free food is being distributed to targeted groups in villages and schools which are facing additional pressures on food supplies, pastures and infrastructure, with almost 200,000 Malian refugees having sought shelter over the borders.

Please support Plan's response

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