Dorothy and E2


We watch over Pitt's campus and all surrounding areas from our home atop the Cathedral of Learning (not assoc with the Nat'l Aviary)

Photos and Videos by @PittPeregrines

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Taking in the sunset. Can you find me on the Heinz steeple?

Oy! What an empty nest! #pghfalconcam

  • 1344 days ago via site
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If you non-flying types have pictures of the kids once they leave the nest, we'd love to share them!

  • 1346 days ago via site
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FIVE WEEKS OLD! Getting rested up for flying next week. #pghfalconcam

  • 1346 days ago via site
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Here's a picture of him leaving the nest. Only his tail is visible upper right. Go Adventurer! #pghfalconcam

  • 1347 days ago via site
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More firsts! Kids checking out the ledge. Might be visible from Schenley Plaza now. #pghfalconcam

  • 1347 days ago via site
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Lots of wingercise today! First flights next week! Nearby? Come watch! #pghfalconcam

  • 1348 days ago via site
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We're not scared of the thunderstorm, just keeping dry.

Food is a powerful motivator! Our explorer chick has returned to the nest!

  • 1349 days ago via site
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All the chicks up on the rail now, except for the explorer that fell off yesterday. D prefers the shade

  • 1350 days ago via site
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Ooops! Pecked at the wrong file to upload before. Touchscreens and beaks... #ChickOverboard #pghfalconcam

  • 1351 days ago via site
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Oh my! 1 of the kids fell off the front of the nest just before noon! Don't worry, he'll be ok! #pghfalconcam

  • 1351 days ago via site
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The kids are so tall they can finally see over the nest rail - and it is quite the view!

  • 1352 days ago via site
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4 WEEKS OLD! Got banded this week and this morning a chick reached the nest rail! #pghfalconcam

  • 1353 days ago via site
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So embarrassed! Can't believe I let them get me. #pghfalconcam

  • 1355 days ago via site
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Have to workout our wings and get them strong enough to fly. 2-3 weeks and we'll be airborne. #pghfalconcam

  • 1357 days ago via site
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THREE WEEKS OLD! 3 fav things: Looking around, wing exercise, and sleeping!. #pghfalconcam

  • 1360 days ago via site
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More flight feathers! The closest chick in this view displays its growing tail feathers

  • 1362 days ago via site
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The chick's flight feathers are coming in! First, look along back edge of a stretched wing.

  • 1362 days ago via site
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It's been so rain, but now sun! Chicks are fluffy fo now, but those talons hint at what's to come!

  • 1363 days ago via site
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