Jessica Kenkel


Jess! #mylife Donut dipping ducky loving designer. Lover of anything glitter, Kidrobot, green, & soft, also love Katy Perry. KP TALLY: 20 #sheesh #KathyTerry

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Fuck! Forgot to buy cupcake liners *opens cupboards and finds* #myluck



Hudson the baby polar bear <3

My birthday card came with cat ears!

hey boo look at the awesome birthday cookies my friend Jess made me #socool

The coolest girl I work with just made me the COOLEST birthday cookies! Omfg! #solegit

My best friend just dropped this on my bed. I love you. Its 4am I have no shame.

Someone () is tuckered out.

Brief visit to the USA, no passport required.


Birthday gift to myself. #drool #purse

I got the new lashes thanks to ! Thanks so much you guys! #FalseLashFriday

Out walking the bunny. #normal

I need to get some coasters.

ujuswufdws YUP

I'm not quite sure if I understand this ad.

It looks like cocaine.

Pizza I made from scratch! (It's perogie flavored!)